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Landscaping companies in St. Charles, MO. Landscaping can make a standard looking house look refined, and a stylish house look like a luxurious villa. It increases the value of your home and can make anyone who drives by jealous. However, not all landscaping companies are created equal, and choosing the wrong company could lead to inferior results. Poynter Landscape Architecture & Design has been a leading landscaping company in the St. Charles area for over 30 years. We know how to take your vision and needs, and merge them with our expertise and innovative thinking to create stunning landscapes and yards. If you're considering a makeover for your home, or simply want some minor enhancements, call Poynter Landscaping today at 636-256-2600 or contact us online.

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What to Look For in a St. Charles, MO Landscaping Company

There are a lot of benefits to landscaping and hardscaping for your St. Charles, MO home. It boosts curb appeal, makes a wonderful first impression on family and friends, and extends your living space to your entire property.

However, to achieve what you're really looking for, you need to know what you want, and you need to find a landscaping company in St. Charles, MO that can help you achieve that. Below are 6 crucial questions to ask yourself if you're looking to find the right a landscaping company:

  1. What are the exact enhancements I want done? You need to have a clear idea of how you want your new yard to look in order to find the landscaping company that best fits your needs. Get all your ideas down on paper and make sure you give a prospective landscaping company a clear idea of what you envision for your property. When you share your ideas, see if you like what they say back. They should do the work you want, but also have their own ideas based on their experience and expertise.
  2. Will what I envision work with the rest of my yard? There are a lot of potential landscape design problems. Certain plants and soil types don't work well together, proposed shrubs or hardscaping may not go well with the surrounding foliage and architecture, or propose water features may be out-of-place. Some enhancements may lead to problems with drainage or erosion. When consulting with a landscaping company, ask them their opinion on how what you have in mind will fit into the surrounding property. That will give you a good sense of they're the right landscaping company to work with.
  3. Do they offer a variety of services? Some St. Charles, MO landscaping companies mostly flora and gardening, while others focus more on structures like walls or terraces. If you want a new deck, it may not be the best idea to hire a company that mostly has experience in swimming pools. Make sure the company you're hiring has experience with and expertise in all the enhancements you want to make.
  4. Do they know how to design? Landscaping involves a lot more skills than just planting and building. A lot goes into landscape design, such as proper utilization of color, space, transition, and proportion, and how aesthetics lean into use. You'll want a landscaping company in St. Charles, MO that begins its process with expert and detailed design work.
  5. Do they have a portfolio of completed projects? Everybody has to start somewhere, but you'll still want a landscaping company with a clear, demonstrated history of doing great work for St. Charles, MO homeowners and allowing their properties to thrive. See if their website has a gallery or project spotlight so you know you're hiring somebody that can deliver.
  6. Do they have good reviews? Pictures of completed projects are one thing, but what do their St. Charles-area clients have to say about their experience. Does the landscaping company take into account what the customer is looking for? Is their service friendly and are they on schedule? How's their client communication? Read several of their client testimonials and see what people say about them on Google and other sources. You'll want to feel confident that the people working on your yard will do the job right and that you'll enjoy working with them.

If you're looking for landscaping companies in St. Charles, MO, give a call to Poynter Landscape Architecture & Construction. In our three decades of experience, we have earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the praise of many St. Charles, MO residents and St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, and have been awarded 8 national PLANET Environmental Improvement and Design Awards. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver the home of your dreams.

Our Landscaping Services in St. Charles, MO

At Poynter, we enjoy exchanging ideas and coming up with innovative solutions to turn out St. Charles, MO clients' dreams into reality. We take collaborative approach to landscaping in order to merge our expertise with your tastes. When you choose Poynter Landscaping, you'll get:

  • Residential design Before we get started on your lawn, our professionals will work as a team to design landscaping projects that are both beautiful and functional for St. Charles, MO residents. We guarantee your satisfaction because you'll know what you'll be getting before you even start.

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  • Digital 3D Rendering You won't have to rely on 2D renderings in order to get a feel for what your new yard may feel like. We can provide you with 3D rendering and short digital videos so you can imagine yourself moving through the space.
  • Outdoor lighting Outdoor lighting not only allows you to enjoy your outdoor space after dark, but it also increases your home's security. Additionally, you'll be able to get around your property more easily and architectural features of your home can be accented at night.
  • After care Our job isn't done once we've given you the backyard of your dreams. You'll have a one-on-one session with one of our horticulture maintenance experts, who can answer any questions you may have.
  • Maintenance Not sure you want to rely on yourself to keep your new yard in pristine condition? Whether you're looking for seasonal shrub bed cleanup, new plantings, bed maintenance, or other yard work, we offer 4 different maintenance plans so your lawn will always be professionally taken care of.
  • Hardscape structures In addition to horticulture and landscaping expertise, we can build numerous enhancements to help make your home the preferred barbecue spot in the neighborhood, or just the perfect place for your family and close friends to enjoy each other's company. We can design and install:

Already like how most of your property looks? Not sure you're willing to dive into a huge project yet? No problem, Poynter Landscaping also does small projects and enhancements for St. Charles, MO residents who just want to shape things up between seasons or add some extra lighting.

We also offer commercial design for businesses in the St. Charles, MO area that want to create a great first impression on clients and improve employee health.

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Our favorite thing to do is doing what we do best to give St. Charles, MO homeowners the home they always wanted, whether that means a full landscaping and hardscaping makeover, installing a new outdoor fireplace, or taking care of lawn and plant maintenance so they don't have to. For a leading landscaping company in St. Charles, MO, and to transform your property in ways you never expected, call Poynter Landscape Architecture & Construction today at 636-256-2600 or contact us online.

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