Swimming Pools

Add a Nice Centerpiece to Your Backyard

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard amenity. It’s the center of attention with children, family and friends spending much of their summers in and around it. When pools include water features, unique lighting, specialty materials and design features; they create an oasis right in your own backyard.

First thing to consider is the site where you would like to build a pool. We have a staff of Landscape Architects that has years of pool design experience that can help through the process of selecting the best possible site placement for your unique property. Even if you’re convinced there is no room for a pool, we can show you examples where we have overcome space limitations using creative solutions the average pool contractor may not see.

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Visualizing Your Space

Pool contractors and builders alike come to us for their challenging backyards when they want a swimming pool. When looking at your property we look to see how something that may appear to be a problem/liability can be turned into an asset. Simply put we see solutions others just don’t. We visualize the entire yard and space instead of just focusing on the pool and its placement.

Materials and Process

Second thing to consider is budget and how that will affect the choice of material used for your pool construction. Gunnite is a specialized concrete mix designed to seal watertight and have extra strength to resist cracking. This method of pool installation is the most durable and long lasting. A well done Gunnite pool will easily last the lifetime of your home with proper maintenance. Gunnite pools can also be made to any shape and size that you and your landscape architect can dream up.

Custom Designed Pools

Shallow sun decks, beach walk-ins, natural stone waterfalls and boulders can all be incorporated into your pool design and installation. Fiberglass drop-in pools are a great option for inexpensive smaller pools, but have less expected lifetime and cannot be repaired and refurbished as easily. Liner pools are another popular option bet require the most attention to stay looking great. The lifetime of the liners do vary and will have to be replaced 10 or 15 years down the road.

Our Team

The Team at Poynter Landscape Architecture and Construction has a clear mission: To provide innovative and timeless outdoor projects through the hands of talented Landscape Architects and Craftsman. This clarity and simplicity allows us to focus on the core of who we are and what we can provide for our clients. We ask you to “imagine the possibilities” and give us a call to start the process of designing and building the outdoor space of your dreams! We will exceed your expectations!

Our Team

Our Process

Our number one Core Value at Poynter Landscape is Pro-active, transparent communication. This principle sets the tone for our proven process and ensures our clients and team have good information as soon as it is available. Poynter Landscape recognizes that different types of projects require different approaches and we can accommodate the entire range of project sizes Our construction management team also understands our jobsite is your home and we take every effort to make the construction experience a positive one.

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Our Difference

The difference that set us apart from others in St. Louis, are the Landscape Architects on our staff. The training and education through the Landscape Architecture Programs sets us apart in St. Louis. That difference ensures that we will create functional spaces with timeless style and elegance. Poynter Landscape Architecture takes great pride in raising the bar on quality, creativity and value for our clients. Our outstanding reputation, professional, friendly approach and 25 years in business speaks to our commitment to providing the best possible Landscape Architecture, Design and Construction services available.

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