In-Ground Pools

Welcome to Your New Outdoor Oasis

Visualizing Your Space

Pool contractors and builders alike come to us for their challenging back yards when they want a swimming pool. When looking at your property we look to see how something that may appear to be a problem/liability can be turned into an asset. Simply put we see solutions others just don’t. We visualize the entire yard and space instead of just focusing on the pool and its placement.

We also have lots of tools to help people visualize the new space including 3D modeling and videos so you see how it lays out well before a shovel even gets dirty, no surprises!

The Process

At Poynter Landscape Architecture, we assign a landscape architect and construction manager to work with you throughout the planning process to help you steer through the details, such as, the projected timelines, the various options available for your pool and the areas beyond your pool, including decking, accessories, fencing and lighting.

Our team of Landscape Architects, installers and professionals have decades of combined experience in designing not only the pool but the outdoor living space and how it all works seamlessly together. We see the big picture not just the pool.

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What to Consider

So you’re thinking about installing a pool at your home? There are many things to consider when embarking on a pool project. First thing to consider is the site where you would like to build a pool. We have a staff of Landscape Architects that has years of pool design experience that can help through the process of selecting the best possible site placement for your unique property. Even if you’re convinced there is no room for a pool, we can show you examples where we have overcome space limitations using creative solutions the average pool contractor may not see.

Benefits of In-Ground Pools

  • Entertain Friends & Family
  • Add Visual Appeal to Your Backyard
  • Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Low-Impact Exercise at Home
  • Relieve Physical & Mental Stress

Key Features

  • Shallow Sundecks
  • Beach Walk-ins
  • Natural Stone Waterfalls
  • Maximize Space

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