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Hardscape Design Services

The landscape architects at Poynter specialize in the design of beautiful and functional spaces that often include hardscape elements. The right design will make a world of difference in a properties look, appeal, function and thusly, its value. Hardscape can highlight a properties beauty or create features where there were none. Choosing when to add a large fire place as a feature or a simple fire pit that blends with a view is what good design is all about. Creating functional, long lasting, and simply beautiful hardscape features is the tradition Poynter Landscape Architecture has established since 1992 and works diligently to carry on.

Choosing when to use each element of hardscape can become the art of creating a cohesive and functional space. All the nonliving materials used to create outdoor living spaces are utilized by Landscape Architects to create balance and harmony in outdoor living.

Hardscape designs utilize wide variations of materials in color, textures, depth, weight and structural integrity. When skillfully arranged together, create great outdoor gems, adding value to both your home and your enjoyment of the great outdoors in your own backyard.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces not only provide a great backdrop but they act as an anchor for your outdoor room that really make it feel like a living room.

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Fire Pits

Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes and operate with propane, natural gas burners and wood.

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Patios & Terraces

The patio is one of the central stages in entertaining friends and family. Make sure that yours is ready for any event.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens can be added to existing patio spaces without having to redesign and embark on a major construction project.

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Pergolas & Pavilions

Outdoor structures come in varied forms and include pergolas, pavilions, arbors and other shade structures that can transform your space.

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A great deck can only improve your outdoor space. Our team can design and install the perfect deck for your home or space.

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Whether you have a fence already that needs improvements, or you are ready to put up the fence you really need, we can help you navigate all the choices around starting a fence project.

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Driveways can be more than a concrete slab. Our team can custom design and create a driveway that will make your home and property unique.

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Retaining Walls create a visual separation among the different elements of your space. With our team, your retaining wall will be more than just a utilitarian feature.

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Our Team

The Team at Poynter Landscape Architecture and Construction has a clear mission: To provide innovative and timeless outdoor projects through the hands of talented Landscape Architects and Craftsman. This clarity and simplicity allows us to focus on the core of who we are and what we can provide for our clients. We ask you to “imagine the possibilities” and give us a call to start the process of designing and building the outdoor space of your dreams! We will exceed your expectations!

Our Team

Our Process

Our number one Core Value at Poynter Landscape is Pro-active, transparent communication. This principle sets the tone for our proven process and ensures our clients and team have good information as soon as it is available. Poynter Landscape recognizes that different types of projects require different approaches and we can accommodate the entire range of project sizes. Our construction management team also understands our jobsite is your home and we take every effort to make the construction experience a positive one.

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Our Difference

The difference that set us apart from others in St. Louis, are the Landscape Architects on our staff. The training and education through the Landscape Architecture Programs sets us apart in St. Louis. That difference ensures that we will create functional spaces with timeless style and elegance. Poynter Landscape Architecture takes great pride in raising the bar on quality, creativity and value for our clients. Our outstanding reputation, professional, friendly approach and 25 years in business speaks to our commitment to providing the best possible Landscape Architecture, Design and Construction services available.

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