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Walls for Form and Function in St. Louis

Your outdoor living area in St. Louis may benefit from a retaining or seating wall. Retaining walls are usually thought of as utilitarian and only needed for holding back soil. However, these innovative barriers also provide additional sitting areas and can be used to increase functional yard space by creating visual separation among the different elements of your space.

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Multitude of Options Throughout the St. Louis Area

Walls are often used to alter the rolling topography of St. Louis properties and come in many forms, sizes and materials, depending on your taste, budget and structural needs. From boulders, brick, stone, concrete, stucco and engineered systems, we do it all.

Benefits of Walls in St. Louis

  • Transform Unusable Space into Highly Effective Areas
  • Correct Drainage
  • Improve Home Value when Lost Space is Gained Back

Key Features

  • Lots of Choices on Materials
  • Colors To Go with Any Home or Architecture in St. Louis
  • When Engineered Correctly will Last as Long as Your Home

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