Pergolas & Pavilions

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Fun & Inviting

Outdoor structures come in varied forms and include Pergolas, Pavilions, arbors and other shade structures. These types of structures can be utilized to protect you from the elements while still being in open air and allowing you to be outside. Using these types of outdoor structures in conjunction with other items such as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can create an inviting space where your friends and family can gather even during less than perfect weather conditions. They also help protect your furniture and appliances from constant sun and/or water exposure. If a shaded area is needed consider a pergola which can dramatically cool a hot area around your home.

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Outdoor Entertainment Space

With the advent of outdoor televisions and wireless cable there is nothing like spending the afternoon or evening watching your favorite sporting event outside like the game is being played. It’s our mission to provide the inspiration for you to get outside and enjoy nature. Outdoor structures can help bridge the gap between the comfort of your home and the outdoors. Besides adding dramatic looks to your home they add significant value and are very attractive to buyers if you’re considering resale value.

Benefits of Pergolas & Pavilions

  • Maximized Outdoor Space
  • Great For Entertaining
  • Protects From Inclement Weather
  • A Variety Of Materials To Choose From
  • Adds Privacy To Your Yard
  • Additional Space For Plants
  • Adds Value To Your Home

Key Features

  • Provides Shade
  • Can Be Combined With a Outdoor Kitchen or Fireplace
  • Bridges The Gap Between Indoor and Outdoor Living
  • Can be made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, brick, or stone

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