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Constructing Decks In St. Louis For Over 25 Years

Decks are one of the most popular types of outdoor living rooms around today throughout the St. Louis area. Part of the reason for the popularity of decks is that they can be built to accommodate any existing grade around your home. It is possible to create level areas without making major changes to the drainage and slopes surrounding your home. There are many choices to make when deciding on the deck that fits your St. Louis home best. The most significant choice to make is whether you would like real wood or composite.

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Wood VS. Composite

There are certainly pros and cons of both choices, but maintenance is likely at the top of the list. There is no question that composite materials are becoming more and more realistic and offer options that wooden decks do not. One such example of a choice that only comes in composite is hidden fasteners. This is a great option if you ever intend to go barefoot or have children playing on your deck. One possible advantage to using wood for your deck is you have the option to change stain colors or paint in the future. Composite decks will always be the color you choose. Another advantage wooden decks have over composites is that composites, no matter the color, get very hot in the sun. There are many other choices to consider when designing a deck and the experts at Poynter Landscape are here to help you through those choices.

Benefits of Decks In St. Louis

  • Create Outdoor Entertainment Space
  • Take Advantage of Outdoor Space
  • Stunning Views on Hills or Over Water
  • Durable Variety Of Materials
  • Increase Backyard Curb Appeal
  • Additional Space For Outdoor Kitchen
  • Adds Value To Your St. Louis Home

Key Features

  • Ideal for Sloped Yards
  • Houses High Above the Ground
  • Multipurpose Space for Enjoying the Outdoors
  • Built for Year Round Use
  • Transitions From Indoor to Outdoor Living
  • Choice of Composite or Wood

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