Outdoor Lighting

Create Space, Depth & Security

Great landscape projects start with great layouts and well thought-out plantings, but they end with landscape lighting. After all, everyone should be able to enjoy the landscape after dark as well. With proper lighting, areas of the landscape that blend in during the day are highlighted, architectural features of your home can be accented and nighttime navigation is much easier. Lighting also provides an element of security – burglars are deterred by a well-lit property and generally move on.

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Landscaping & LED's

In today’s lighting market, there are more choices than ever before and the new standard is LED fixtures. These have a number of advantages to their incandescent counterparts, the first of which is significantly reduced energy usage and costs. For a long time, landscape designers were hesitant to make the jump into the LED world due to their unnatural color. Now, manufacturers are producing LED lights with warmer tones similar to standard incandescent fixtures, resulting in a more natural tone and appearance. Very cool tones are also available which can have stunning effects when used properly, especially in modern design and cool blue tones also make evergreen trees appear even greener.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

  • Power usage and utility bills will be drastically cut by using LED fixtures, some by as much as 90%!
  • LED fistures do not dim as they get farther from the transformer or power source. This allows way more flexibility and savings in copper wire during the installation.
  • Forget about replacing those burnt out bulbs. Most LED fixtures are expected to last decades without replacement.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Improve the Safety of Your Home
  • Highlight Your Landscape
  • Accent Your Home’s Architectural Features

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