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Patio installation in Innsbrook, MO. As a homeowner in the Innsbrook, MO area, you realize the importance of a dreamlike outdoor oasis where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy your surroundings. A professionally planned patio is the ideal solution to elevate your outdoor living space and create a versatile and warm area for unforgettable get-togethers with friends and family. If you are pondering patio installation in near Innsbrook, MO, look no further than Poynter Landscape Architecture & Construction.

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Poynter Landscape has a Five-Star rating on Google and other websites for our unmatched craftsmanship and customer care. We were the Readers’ Pick for “Best Landscape Designer” in St. Louis AT HOME Magazine and we won 8 national PLANET Environmental Improvement and Design awards.

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Why Should I Choose Poynter Landscape For My Innsbrook, MO Patio Installation?

Great patios and landscapes don’t simply happen randomly in Innsbrook, MO – they are masterfully designed and crafted by the Poynter Landscape award-winning crew of landscape architects. Using unrivaled craftsmanship and specific plans, featuring blueline drawings and 3D imaging, our passionate crew can partner with you to get exactly what you are looking for. That is precisely what we want as your partner – creating and installing captivating patios for you and your family in Innsbrook, MO.

Our experienced patio installers in Innsbrook, MO have a wide selection of materials that they can choose from to support in planning and creating your ideal patio. Whether you desire an all stone patio, a concrete patio, or if you want a mix of various materials to achieve that perfect look, our team of landscape architects and patio installation experts can help you. Listed below are some of the most in-demand materials that we incorporate in our patio installations in the Innsbrook, MO area:

  • Clay Brick
  • Cut Stone
  • Tile
  • Patio Pavers
  • Sand
  • Pavement
  • Gravel
  • Concrete
  • Flagstone

Tiles and stones aren't the only features that make our patio installations shine, we also incorporate several other types of products to ensure your Innsbrook, MO patio stands out. We use landscaping lighting options to make sure that your patio is appropriately lit no matter the occasion. The following are several of the most popular lighting options in Innsbrook, MO:

  • Fire Pits
  • Torches
  • Candles
  • String Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Solar Lights
  • Lighting Sconces
  • Outdoor Flood Lights
  • Outdoor Pendant Lighting
  • Outdoor Table Lamps
  • Orbs and Spheres
  • Hidden LEDs
  • Pot and Planter Lighting
  • Uplighting

Along with our outdoor patio installation services in Innsbrook, MO, Poynter Landscape offers the following to our Innsbrook, MO neighbors:

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What Are the Benefits of Professional Patio Installation in Innsbrook, MO?

The Poynter Landscape patio installation service provides a range of benefits that greatly enhance your outdoor living experience. The following are some pivotal advantages in Innsbrook, MO:

  • Increase Your Living Space
  • By enlisting the services of one of our skilled landscape architects create and install an outdoor patio, you effectively add a new area for relaxation, dining, and recreation. Whether you envision a cozy nook for morning coffee or a spacious entertainment area for hosting barbeques, a professionally planned patio provides the perfect extension of your indoor living space into the great outdoors in Innsbrook, MO.

  • Enhance Curb Appeal
  • A thoughtfully designed patio by our architects can significantly boost the curb appeal of your Innsbrook, MO home. Let Poynter Landscape design and install the patio of your dreams. Give us a call today at 636-256-2600 or reach out to us online. Your home in Innsbrook, MO serves as an eye-catching centerpiece that captures the eye of potential buyers and adds visual interest to your property. With a diverse set of materials, colors, and patterns available, you can customize your patio to complement the architectural style of your home and create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

  • Increase Your Property Value in Innsbrook, MO
  • Investing in patio installation by Poynter Landscape is not only a smart choice for your lifestyle in Innsbrook, MO, but also for your real estate value. Interested buyers and investors are often drawn to properties in the Innsbrook, MO area with appealing outdoor areas that provide supplementary living and hosting areas. In fact, in a recent national survey done by HomeLight, top real estate agents revealed that outdoor space was the third-most highly valued feature for potential buyers. It’s estimated that well-designed patios not only add 8-10 percent home value, they earn more than 80 percent ROI (return on investment). A beautifully constructed patio can set your home apart from a crowded Innsbrook, MO real estate market and draw in more buyers.

  • Low Maintenance and Durability
  • Our team of landscape architects and patio professionals work with cutting-edge materials that are designed to withstand the worst of elements and need low upkeep in Innsbrook, MO. From resilient brick and concrete pavers to weather-resistant natural stone, a professional patio installation by Poynter Landscape is built for durability. These materials feature convenient cleaning, stain-proof properties, and the capacity to tolerate heavy foot traffic – making them ideally suited for outdoor application. With proper care and occasional sealing and other minor upkeep carried out by our knowledgeable team, your patio will preserve its beauty and utility in Innsbrook, MO for countless years to come.

  • Versatility and Functionality in Innsbrook, MO
  • Patio installation by Poynter Landscape provides endless opportunities for designing a adaptable and useful outdoor area. Whether you prefer a basic, minimalist design or a more elaborate setup featuring a custom seating area, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen, the options are endless. You can tailor your patio to match your specific preferences – whether it’s a tranquil sanctuary for you and the family or an energetic space for hosting the entire neighborhood.

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You can see some of our patio installation work we are most proud of in the gallery below:

  • before-patio-picture-ladue-mo
  • ladue-patio-before-picture
  • Covered Patio and Pool St. Louis
  • covered-patio-fireplace-with-pool
  • Patio Designer St. Louis
  • IMG_0896-2
  • covered-patio-with-outdoor-fireplace
  • wooden-patio-pergola
  • patio-pergola-picture
  • Patio Designer St. Louis
  • patio design st. louis
  • poynter-patio-design-construction-29-1024x683
  • poynter-patio-design-construction-06-1024x1024
  • poynter-patio-design-construction-28-1024x768
  • poynter-patio-design-construction-23-1024x683
  • poynter-patio-design-construction-17-683x1024

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Investing in skilled patio installation by Poynter Landscape provides a wonderful opportunity to upgrade your outdoor living style by crafting a stunning space for relaxation and entertainment, all while adding value to your property. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature along with your family and friends, and the comfort of a well-planned and skillfully installed patio in Innsbrook, MO right in your own backyard.

To reimagine your Innsbrook, MO outdoor living space in ways you never imagined, and to get started on patio installation, call Poynter Landscape & Construction right away at 636-256-2600 or contact us online.

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