KSDK News Channel 5 Story

KSDK News Channel 5 Story

KsdkKSDK — St. Louis received over 11 inches of rain making it the wettest October on record in the St. Louis area. All that water is making it harder for local landscapers to finish planting before winter.

October is typically a pretty busy month for landscapers; they’re working to finish planting before the winter frost arrives. But this year, the rain forced Poynter Landscaping in West County to park its vehicles for several days last month.

Richard Poynter is the CEO. He says the rain delayed work on several projects, but it also created more business. Poynter received dozens of calls from homeowners who are concerned about standing water and drainage problems in their yards.

His crews are anxious to get back to work.

“I’d say it’s aggravating for them that they have to reshuffle their schedule every day,” said Poynter. “So that’s an aggravation and probably a challenge. It can be an aggravation for a customer who is anxious and wants things done but doesn’t want it messed up in the process. So those are challenges, but certainly not insurmountable.”

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