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As Fall approaches, landscape lighting becomes more important as dark comes earlier (even after Daylight Savings Time on November 3rd!) and it's still a great time of year to be outside.

First and foremost, outdoor lighting provides security for wayfinding along pathways and stairs, illuminates entrances and assists with after-dark cookouts.

A fun feature of outdoor lighting is to highlight areas of the landscape that blend in during the day and accent architectural features of your property that might transform at night. Gas lights can add a warm and unique touch to outdoor living spaces.

Once the areas requiring lighting are identified, the next step is to direct light where it's needed and avoid glare through shading.

Dramatic uplighting can be easy when fixtures are placed correctly and some mild filters can be used to enhance green foliage color as well.

It's also important to incorporate energy-efficient systems so that your new fixtures don't add much to your electric bill. Low-voltage lighting offers many benefits:

  • They are offered in three color spectrums for added customization.
  • The fixtures are sealed and so they last longer.
  • LED sealed fixtures last at least 6 times longer than incandescent.
  • The fixtures don't get hot.
  • They cost 75% less to operate.


Our late summer cool temperatures mean that fall is shaping up to provide some glorious color. Wondering when to expect the foliage to start changing?