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Backyard fire installations bridge the gap between modern day and our ancestry when the fire was the original evening entertainment and a source of security and life. Today, we can bring the experience to our modern homes and offer quality time with family or solitude with your favorite book.

If you’re looking for a fantastic gathering spot and a strong architectural statement, an outdoor fireplace is a great idea. It provides a great backdrop but also acts as an anchor for the space, making it feel like a living room. If you’ve always loved the smell of wood burning but hate the smoke, the chimney draws it high up overhead, away from you and your guests. There are many styles to choose from plus options such as seat walls, wood storage, hearths and mantels.

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A more compact alternative, fire pits come in many shapes and sizes and operate with propane, natural gas burners and wood. Material choices are also numerous and can be tailored to fit your budget and aesthetic style of your home.

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While gas burning fixtures may lack some of the sensory experiences of the traditional wood fire, when properly installed, they do put out a surprising amount of heat. With careful attention to gas line sizing, flow rates and proper construction, a rather realistic flame can be achieved. There is certainly something to be said for a mess free, on-demand experience.

Let us help you create a memorable gathering space that will be used for generations.


At this time of year, you might be overlooking a yard that has been decimated by deer for months. We offer some key strategies to defending your green space:

COYOTE DECOYS - We have found these to be highly effective. They should be moved around every three weeks or so. Deer are habitual animals and proper placement can guide them to friendlier areas. They are most effective when used with coyote urine granules by Shake-Away or Irish Spring soap.

PHYSICAL BARRIERS - Not always the most attractive, but inexpensive and highly effective for young trees. They are only needed from September thru January.