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After summer blooms fade and fall mums melt away, don’t give up on your containers so quickly. This Thanksgiving, transform your backyard into an extension of your holiday feast table. If it's balmy in your neck of the woods, invite guests to dine outdoors in seasonal splendor. If it's too chilly to gather outdoors, extend your decor for a festive view from the cozy indoors with wreaths and planters.

Work with both perennials and annuals that are frost tolerant like Coral Bells with foliage that will hold through the early winter weeks.

Squash, berries, seed pods, evergreen cuttings, grasses, reeds, colorful or textural branches and the last of the fall flowers are perfect for the table.

Ornamental grasses and seed pods provide structure, texture and movement to to your centerpiece or wreath.

Foliage plants such as evergreens and grasses will provide steadfast color throughout the winter months.

Use different plant types to extend the life of your display - when one fades, it is less noticeable as others take over.


Add magic and wonder to your yardscape this holiday season by decorating with greenery, lighting, plantings and more.

Incorporate color without blooms by using berries like Winterberry Holly.

Highlight with natural elements like pine cones or branches from Red Twig Dogwoods for longevity and color.

In the mid-winter, use snow as a landscape element. The sweeping drifts make a romantic setting.

Lighting is a great way to add interest outside your windows after dark without requiring anyone to venture out into the cold. Christmas lights are perfect in December, but more subtle styles will last throughout the season.

Evergreens - live plants and cuttings - are tried and true for winter displays, such as Pines, Boxwoods, Spruce, Juniper, and Holly. Add faux items such as ribbons and ornaments for an easy pop of color year after year.