Landscape Tips: Backyard Beautiful

Landscape Tips: Backyard Beautiful

Transforming a Frontenac home’s landscaping from front to back required months of planning to address drainage and topography issues that came with the property. “This home bordered a fairly busy two-lane street,” says Poynter Landscape president and CEO Rich Poynter. “Because some of the areas in Frontenac are relatively flat, there are plenty of drainage problems. The client also felt that he was too close to the road. The house was probably only 90 feet away from it.”

Poynter says functionality was a guiding principle for coming up with a design. “Addressing the drainage and topography were key to making everything work,” he says. “The goal was to make it look like the house was built around an existing visual barrier.” A few berms were built to raise the ground and function as sound barriers. “When you have a large area that needs berms, the challenge is to not make it look like the Jolly Green Giant’s burial ground,” Poynter says. “We wanted to create something that was more like a golf course-smooth and natural-looking.”

Granite boulders, interspersed with a mixture of evergreens, multi-stem flowering trees and groundcover, added texture and interest to the property. Other features in Poynter’s design included a pool and separate re-circulating pond, pergola, private sitting area, lighting and a new driveway. “It worked because we had enough creative control over the entire site,” he says. “That’s an important part of landscape architecture.”

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