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Common Hot Tub Issues and Solutions

Custom hot tubs are the perfect addition to your home, providing top-notch relaxation, hydrotherapy, and a social hub for family and friends – all in your own backyard. But, like any complex system, they can experience issues that may disrupt your soothing soak.

For more information on custom hot tubs, call Poynter Landscape right away at 636-256-2600 or contact us online. We have over 25 years of experience as landscape architects, designing and installing custom hot tubs, swimming pools, pool houses, hardscape and structures, gardens, and more throughout the St. Louis area.

Enjoy your personal hot tub experience to the fullest by keeping it well-maintained and issue-free. Check out our easy guide on common issues and solutions, so that you can get back to some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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Common Hot Tub Issues and Solutions: The Poynter Landscape Guide to Troubleshooting

Whether you are shopping for a new custom hot tub and weighing the pros and cons or already have one, they can experience issues, no matter how minor. Here are some of them, along with the Poynter Landscape solutions:

Heating Headaches

Issue: Inconsistent, sporadic, or no heating.

Solution: We install all of our custom hot tubs with top-of-the-line heating systems. Check your thermostat settings and then examine the pump, filter, and circulation system for any blockages. If problems persist, reach out to our team or to the manufacturer.

Water Quality Woes

Issue: Cloudy or discolored water, possible unpleasant odors.

Solution: You should regularly test and balance the water chemistry, using appropriate sanitizers like chlorine or bromine. Clean or replace filters to ensure efficient filtration.

Cover Conundrums

Issue: Damaged or heavy cover.

Solution: On all our new custom hot tub installs, our professionals treat the cover with a specialized UV protectant. Clean your cover regularly and repair small tears promptly with a patch kit. If your cover becomes too heavy, it may be waterlogged.

Control Panel Confusion

Issue: Malfunctioning or unresponsive control panel.

Solution: Check for loose connections, damaged wires, or a faulty control panel. Consult the owner’s manual for troubleshooting steps or contact the hot tub manufacturer for assistance.

Jet Jitters

Issue: Weak or non-functioning jets.

Solution: Many of our custom hot tubs include strategically placed hydrotherapy jets. Check for any clogs or obstructions in or around the jets and clean or replace as needed. Make sure the pump is working correctly, and there are no issues with the water circulation system.

Leaky Situations

Issue: Water leakage around the exterior hot tub.

Solution: There are a number of potential sources for leaks in your hot tub, including the rubber O-rings, the gaskets, as well as freeze damage. Inspect the shell, pipes, and fittings for cracks, loose connections, or damaged seals. Address minor leaks promptly to prevent more significant issues. For major leaks, call us right away at 636-256-2600.

Electrical Problems

Issue: Power failures, tripped breakers.

Solution: When the Poynter Landscape crew installs your hot tub, we ensure that it’s properly connected to a dedicated circuit. If you’re faced with electrical issues, examine the breaker box for tripped breakers and reset if necessary.

Unpleasant Odors

Issue: Musty or foul smells.

Solution: We suggest draining and cleaning your hot tub regularly. Remove and clean the filter, and consider using specialty spa cleaners. Ensure proper water circulation to prevent stagnant water.

Common Hot Tub Issues and Solutions | Poynter Landscape

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Common Hot Tub Issues and Solutions

Regular maintenance, prompt identification of issues, and addressing them proactively can keep your hot tub in pristine condition. If you are doing your homework before purchasing a hot tub, or you already have one that is having some issues, Poynter Landscape is here to help.

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