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Basic Design Elements for Outdoor Landscaping

We know that you want the best outdoor space around – the perfect harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. At Poynter Landscape, we’re here to help provide just that. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing landscape, understanding our fundamental design elements and which ones work best for you and your space is crucial.

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Here, we’ll delve into the basic landscape design elements that serve as building blocks for creating your stunning and well-balanced outdoor haven.

Basic Design Elements for Outdoor Landscaping | St. Louis Landscape Design | Poynter Landscape

Basic Design Elements for a Stunning Outdoor Space

Having our knowledgeable outdoor landscaping professionals on hand to help craft your design empowers you to create an outdoor space that reflects your style, enhances your lifestyle, and provides a sanctuary of natural beauty. The design elements include:

  • Color Palette: Choosing a cohesive color palette is a fundamental aspect of our landscape design. We consider the colors of your home, existing outdoor elements, and the surrounding environment when selecting flowers and other plants with a combination of warm and cool hues for a contrasting look or perhaps one or the other for a more unified look. A well-thought-out color scheme enhances visual appeal and creates a sense of continuity.
  • Scale and Proportion: Scale refers to the size of elements in relation to each other and the surrounding space. For example, your shrubs should not look like tiny little plantings in front of a large home with a deep yard. Proportion involves how these elements relate to the overall landscape. These shrubs might work well, be proportional to a smaller yard and home. Striking the right balance ensures that your design feels harmonious and well-proportioned.
  • Texture and Layering: Incorporating a variety of textures, both visual and tactile, adds depth to your space. The most commonly used element in gardens, as we can combine different plant textures, materials, and surfaces to create a multi-dimensional and inviting outdoor landscape. Call the outdoor landscaping experts at Poynter Landscape now at 636-256-2600 or reach out to us online.
  • Form and Function: The element of form helps you achieve that harmonious blend you’re looking for by highlighting the shape of objects to create a visual theme in your yard. Rounded plants and curved walkways give your landscape a cozy, intimate feel, while rigid straight lines and structures bring a sense of formality and clearcut distinction between various areas. Whether it’s a curved deck or seating area, a straight-edged garden or water feature, or a large, freeform patio, we help design your landscape with the mindset of form follows function.
  • Line and Focal Points: We often emphasize the line element in our landscape designs as a way to create a focal point that draws the eye and anchors the design. Whether it’s a captivating pergola, a stunning tree, or a vibrant flower bed, lines provide direction, add interest, and serve as visual landmarks.
  • Balance – Symmetry and Asymmetry: Balance is the equilibrium of visual weight in your landscape. Symmetrical balance involves mirroring elements on either side of a central, or focal, point, creating a formal and classic look. Conversely, asymmetrical balance is a more relaxed approach, achieving balance through contrasting elements.

Basic Design Elements for Outdoor Landscaping | St. Louis Landscape | Poynter Landscape

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No matter if it’s your home, business, or another type of property, Poynter Landscape is your partner for outdoor landscaping in the St. Louis area. By incorporating these fundamental elements in our landscape design for your space, we’ll be able to find you that outdoor haven that brings joy, balance, and functionality to your home.

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