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Warm Up Your Backyard with These Amazing Fire Pit Ideas!

There’s nothing like gathering family and friends around the fire and more often than not, that is where great memories begin. The appeal of fire is one that’s been ingrained in us for thousands of years. Whether you’re making s’mores with the family, sipping a glass of wine with friends, or camping out in the backyard to watch the stars, the perfect gathering point will always be an outdoor fire pit.

Modern gas fire pits put out a surprising amount of heat and with careful attention to gas line sizing, flow rates, and proper construction a rather realistic flame can be achieved. There is certainly something to be said for a mess-free, on-demand fire pit experience and we have a thorough understanding of proper gas fixture installations to help you avoid pitfalls.

Whether you have tons of outdoor space and want to create a built-in fire pit or a small backyard patio, we have many options to assist you in making the perfect cozy focal point for your outdoor living space, regardless of the season!

Here are a few things to consider:

  • City municipalities have different code requirements for fire features so guidance is needed to ensure you’re following protocol.
  • What type of fire would you like to create - gas-fed, wood burning, wood burning with a gas starter, or a smokeless wood-burning feature?
  • Gas line location and size and the calculations for your current gas meter size.
  • Fires bring people together so be sure of safe seating arrangements and to have an extinguishing agent on hand at all times.
  • Be sure of the purpose and aesthetic you would like to create. Would you prefer a smaller fire pit that seamlessly fits into the natural landscape of your backyard, a built-in stone contemporary pit, a permanent installation, or more? We can walk you through your choices and get you cozied up by the fire in no time.

Whichever direction you choose for your outdoor escape, Poynter Landscape Architecture is here to help. Be sure to take a look at our fire pit page and contact us here to begin your outdoor project.