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The Best Outdoor Heaters For Your Space

Outdoor heaters are a cost-effective and efficient way to bring warmth to your outdoor living space during chilly nights and to extend your time outside as the seasons change. If you have an outdoor fireplace but are looking for a bit more warmth, an outdoor heater may be the perfect thing for you.

Patio heating comes in a variety of forms including:

  • Tabletop lamps
  • Freestanding heaters
  • Wall-mounted options

To find out which options are best for you, it is a great idea to think of the overall purpose you wish to serve. Patio heaters vary in price, style, and size but the output is also an important deciding factor.

While tabletop lamps offer a traditional homey feeling, they are smaller, emit less heat, and are generally electric. A free-standing heater covers a larger base and can be fueled by natural gas, propane, and electricity. Wall-mounted options are another wonderful option that saves space and can be adhered to a wall with the correct mounting hardware. These are all-electric.

If you are wanting to make the most use of your backyard space, outdoor heaters prove to be a great option.