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Today marks 60 days past the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Our days are getting noticeably longer, the sun is in the sky later, the days are getting warmer -- spring is coming!

Our design department is already busy, busy, busy designing pools, outdoor kitchens and more for the summer entertaining season! If you've got grand plans to get outside this year, get in touch with us now so we can get you in the queue! Design and permitting takes about 2-3 months so this is the perfect time to get started. As soon winter starts to thaw, our phones will be ringing off the hook - contact us today and beat the rush!


We sat down with clients, Rich and Mary, to document their perspective of the construction phase of a project.

The couple purchased land in forested rural Missouri in 2011 and set to work dreaming of their future home. Their vision was to build a resort for all seasons and recreate the caliber of experience Mary had as a child while visiting the Big Cedar Lodge with her family in Branson.

The house design was finalized in the middle of 2017 and is currently under construction. Poynter Landscape Architecture was engaged in early 2018 for a robust landscape and hardscape master plan for several outdoor living spaces. The outdoor design was not requested as a service from the housing contractor as the couple wanted to hire a professional landscape architecture company with the experience to finalize and bring their concept to life.

Rich and Mary described the elements they wanted and instructed Poynter vice president of sales and senior designer Bob Wilhelm to, “Make it look really cool.” He and his team brought ideas to the table they hadn’t previously considered and they loved it.

Poynter’s team has been on site since June of 2018 and is now in full construction mode. The client is also on site every other day and is amazed by the number of decisions made daily and that affects subsequent decisions, such as where pipes will be laid. “It’s been fascinating to watch everyone from different trades work together. The couple has also enjoyed meeting, learning and watching Poynter’s individual craftsmen builders. (“We’d like to give a shout out to my boy Tony on the boulders!”)

outdoor fireplace stone

“Poynter has been extremely accommodating. It’s been a very easy and seamless process. We’ve been well-cared for throughout the entire process.”

Both the house and the yard are scheduled for completion in late 2019. Rich and Mary are extremely excited to move in and are already planning their first event – a party for all of their builders, contractors and their families to thank everyone for their new home they will be enjoying for the rest of their lives.

hardscape stonework


outdoor plantcare

A good snowstorm is great for plants, especially evergreens, as it provides necessary winter moisture. However heavy, wet snow can cause limbs to break. Be sure to knock snow off of your arborvitae and other shrubs. A broom is a great tool to reach high spots.


Our programs are designed for today’s suburban landscapes and busy homeowners and offer all the basics for weed control, beds, plant health and flowers. Our monthly visits are performed from March through December not just by "some mow guy," but true horticultural professionals.

Included services:

  • Total Weed Control
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Bed Edging
  • Shrub & Ground Cover Pruning
  • Fertilization & Mulching
  • Seasonal Irrigation Adjustments
  • Spring & Fall Leaf Clean-Up
  • Deer Deterrents & Leaf Removal