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Creating A Backyard Oasis Into Your Landscape

When someone says “water feature” what image does that conjure in your head? Most folks probably think of a water fall or koi pond with a rubber liner that requires lots of backbreaking maintenance. These days there are many other choices that would fall under this category. Some simple water features could be fountains or bubbling boulders that are self-contained and require very little if any maintenance. The choices of materials that can be used to build water features is only limited by your imagination and to some degree your budget. What are some reasons why a water feature is a good idea for your outdoor living space?

Stone creek
Waterfall in backyard

Relaxation Through Sound

The first reason is the sound a water feature creates. Even very small water features can create a very large sound that creates an environment of relaxation. The sound created by water features can also be quite effective at drowning out the sounds of your neighborhood and surrounding area.

Wildlife Visitors

The second reason is the wildlife that will enjoy visiting. While not all wildlife visitors are welcome in our backyards, you will find the birds and other small animals will greatly appreciate the water source- not to mention your dog will always have a place to get a drink.

Unplug After Your Day

The third reason is just the sheer beauty of adding moving water to your outdoor living space. The movement of water will instantly take you to a wooded stream and give you the opportunity to unplug after a long day at work. There is just something about moving water that is soothing to our souls!

At Poynter Landscape we always use the finest materials and best practices to install water features and can help to find the best possible solution that fits your space and budget. Let us know how we can help you add the element of water to your outdoor paradise today!

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