Pool Water Features & Waterfalls

Transform Your Pool and Backyard

Do you have an existing pool that you love but feel it is lacking some WOW factor? We have a simple solution. Add a waterfall! Adding a waterfall to the edge of your pool instantly turns an ordinary pool into an exotic getaway steps from your backdoor. With the proper placement, design and installation you can give your pool area a facelift without the cost of rebuilding your entire pool. There are many styles of pool waterfalls to consider and the Landscape Architects at Poynter are ready and waiting to show you the different choices that will compliment your home and style. Some opt for a more formal contemporary look that will add class and sophistication to any poolside. Others seek out the more natural elements that mimic a mountain stream running into the pool. Regardless of the style that suits your tastes, rest assured the team at Poynter Landscape will call upon our resources to ensure you get the best quality, most functional and beautiful addition to your pool possible today.

At Poynter we design and build pool waterfalls to be used, climbed on, jumped off and enjoyed by you and your guests for years to come. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, give us a call and we’ll show you some great examples of how we have transformed backyard pools into luxury resorts that will have you wanting to stay home for next year’s vacation!

pool water feature close up

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