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Constructing Patios In St. Louis For Over 25 Years

Patio design goes back to the Landscape Architecture importance. How you would want to use your outdoor space and the circulation or movement of people, entertaining, outdoor cooking, staircases, drainage, shade, children… wow these are just a few of the things we consider in designing a patio.

Not everyone wants all 4 of these elements but narrowing it down to the ones important to you is what we can help you with so we have a clear direction. Good design does not cost more. In most cases it’s not about designing more than you want in regards to the patio size, or the elements you wanted however getting it right the first time and smart design will save you thousands of dollars on outdoor elements that are not easily changed or changed inexpensively.

firepit and patio
3D plans  (3)

Visualizing Your Space

Our special talent is to find the assets in your property that may not be apparent to you. Our ability to visualize what your homes possibilities are is well beyond the average landscaper.

We normally will use 3D software to help you better visualize what your space will look like when built. Our unique 3D program is so accurate you almost have to look twice to realize its not a photograph. The image to the left is a 3D rendering.

Landscape Architects analyze the natural elements of the site, such as the climate, soil, slope of the land, drainage, and vegetation; observe where sunlight falls on the site at different times of the day and examine the site from various angles; and assess the effect of existing homes, roads, walkways, and utilities. For your home it’s about how you move and live in your outdoor environment and Landscape Architects are heavily trained in these aspects along with horticulture expertise.

More specifically the list of possibilities you can choose from and consider includes:

  • Fireplace or Fire Pit
  • Kitchen
  • Children’s play areas and safety
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Privacy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Season Color
  • Shade
  • Water Features
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Fencing
  • Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Sound suppression
  • View from inside the house
  • Pools or Spa
  • Water Features
patio design construction completed

As for the specifics of your patio or terrace flooring material choices, you don’t have hundreds of options, but it’s a lot and one of the great things about helping you make your space unique.

  • Concrete in exposed aggregate, stamped dyed or stamped and dyed.
  • Clay Paving Brick
  • Concrete Brick Pavers, so many choices in color, shape, patterns and more.
  • Natural Flagstone is a common one but not always as smooth to walk on.
  • Natural stone pavers are larger in size than most concrete pavers but have many advantages.
  • Cedar or Brazilian hardwoods decks, staircases or landings.

When you’re ready give us a chance to help you set your backyard up for success and great resale value.

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