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Outdoor Kitchen Design St. Louis

Creating the Kitchen of Your Dreams

When you have family and friends over where does everyone gather? If you’re like most people, you’re answer is the kitchen. Kitchens draw people in like moths to flames and in many cases are not designed to accommodate your entire party. In recent years the trend has become to make a second kitchen space outdoors and bridge the gap between the garden and the interior of our homes. There are other advantages to moving the cooking outside as well, such as, removing the heat from indoor cooking especially in the summer months. It is also much easier to have larger gatherings around outdoor kitchens.

Design Your Space

Here at Poynter we are well equipped to design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Functional use of outdoor space is our specialty and no other outdoor space requires more attention to detail than the outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be just a simple bar top surrounding your grill to complete kitchens with all the appliances you would find in any modern indoor kitchen. Materials to finish outdoor kitchens come in a wide variety of textures and colors with the most popular being clad in stone with granite counter tops.

outdoor kitchen grill stove setup
outdoor kitchen for thanksgiving

Choosing Your Appliances

Poynter has the flexibility to install most brands of appliances and grills and would be happy to work with the vendor of your choice, or we can handle all the details for you. Outdoor kitchens can also be added to existing patio spaces without having to redesign and embark on a major construction project. Please take some time to explore our galleries to view some of our many example of outdoor kitchens in the St Louis area.

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