Hot Tubs

Personalizing Your Backyard Spa Retreat

Hot tub with flower decor

Hottubs have long been considered a luxury item used for relaxation and socialization. However there is much more to consider.

Health Benefits Associated With Hot Tubs

The health benefits are many and include: improved sleep, increased mobility, pain reduction from arthritis and muscle aches, not to mention what a long soak does for mental health and well being. Along with all of these benefits, a hottub brings you outside to nature; it forces a pause to enjoy a sunset or falling snow.

Designing The Ultimate Experience

Hiring a Landscape Architect to design a space for a hot tub has many benefits as well. Integration of the surrounding space can have a significant impact on the users overall experience. Have you considered how the space will flow and how to fit this large, square object into your landscape space, as well as how you will travel safely back inside after a good soak? Privacy through the seasons could also be a major concern. Also, the fragrance of night blooming plants may be considered.

Covered hot tub
Stone Veneer Hot Tub Surround

Navigating Laws & Regulations

All the aesthetic concerns must also be balanced with your municipality’s laws and regulations regarding the installation of spas and hot tubs. Here at PLAC we have experience with many of our local municipalities and can help navigate those laws and regulations that will be expected from your local building code inspector. All the choices may seem a bit overwhelming, but that’s where PLAC can help! Give us a call to start the process of bringing your dream spa retreat to reality!

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