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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

They say, “Great fences make great neighbors.” Chances are that you reading this now indicates that you want to be a great neighbor! Whether you have a fence already that needs improvements, or you are ready to put up the fence you really need, we can help you navigate all the choices around starting a fence project. One of the first questions that may come up is, “Can I install a fence in my yard?” The answer to this question may be complicated depending on the City you live in and whether your neighborhood is governed by a HOA.

Fences & Home Owners Associations

Many HOAs have the right to create their own bylaws that dictate the types and heights of fences you are allowed to install. Some municipalities require permitting of fences and others may be considered maintenance of an existing fence. At Poynter Landscape we are well versed in the rules of the city municipalities that we commonly work in and can answer most questions about your fencing needs. When seeking permission from a HOA, Poynter Landscape can provide the documentation to take to a meeting or submit to your local trustee board.

Choosing the Right Fence

Once you have permission to put up the fence, you must choose the type of fence you want. Assuming there are no specific requirements from your neighborhood or city, the choices of fence material can be overwhelming- even to a professional Landscape Architect. Our portfolio has many fence types and styles represented, but we certainly have the capabilities to produce something you have seen online, in a magazine, or just down the street at your neighbor’s house.

Fence With Flowers

Whether you’re looking for a strictly utility fence that blends in with its surroundings, a Japanese Zen inspired masterpiece, or a custom forged cast iron fence, Poynter Landscape can provide the expertise, design vision and implementation to bring your new fence to a reality! Your neighbors will thank you!

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