St. Louis Driveway Design

When we think of ways to beautify and create more function at our homes driveways are not usually the first thing on the list.  In fact, driveways are probably not the item you think of when considering hiring a Landscape Architect to plan a new space.  At Poynter Landscape we challenge you to consider talking to one of our Landscape Architects about how a driveway modification can add significant improvements to you property.  Drainage, parking, turn-arounds and approach to your home are often overlooked when the driveway is being laid out by a builder.  Changes in driveway layouts can also add some privacy and /or security resulting in a whole new perspective of your home you didn’t know was possible.  In addition to modifications in layout there are a ton of different finishes that can add your personal statement to your driveway.

Aerial Driveway
Curved Driveway

Poynter landscape has experience with pavers, cobblestones, crushed stone, most concrete finishes and natural stone.  Of course there are pros and cons associated with any material choice and application.  We would be more than happy to speak with you about those pros and cons and develop a plan that best suits your needs and budget.  While many driveways are designed around a strictly utilitarian function, we can show you how to get the most out of your driveway space and create a multifunctional space that will double as an extended patio during large gatherings, a sport court in the evenings and as the approach to your home that will make a great first impression.  Take a few minutes to peruse our portfolio to see some examples of great projects with new driveways.  We would also be happy to provide addresses to some recent Poynter projects featuring driveway renovations.

Driveway Gallery