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The Importance of Design in the Landscape Plan

The Importance of Design in the Landscape Plan

At the heart of good bones is the design that has been developed for the specific property. A well-developed landscape plan is drawn to scale and shaped by such factors as the life style of the owner, the existing structures and, often, the character of the neighborhood. The question is not whether you should have a fully designed plan for your property—the question is whether you can afford to not have a plan.

The plan develops the hardscape first. It defines the spaces including patio, lawn, driveways, walks, pool area and so forth. The drainage plan for the entire property is a key factor in many landscape plans. Once the hardscape plan is approved, then the plantscape is added with specific plants recommended for specific sites. Some owners want to have the entire landscape plan fulfilled as soon as possible while others prefer to execute the plan over several years, chipping away at it piece by piece and section by section.

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