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Finding the Perfect Spot For Your Custom Fire Pit

A custom fire pit is a popular addition to your outdoor space – perfect for providing warmth and ambiance, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing under the stars with your family. However, choosing the ideal location for your fire pit is vital to maximize its benefits.

The outdoor experts at Poynter Landscape can help. For more than 30 years, our team of landscape architects, craftsmen builders, and horticulturists has been turning clients’ outdoor dreamscapes into landscaped realities. Call us right away at 636-256-2600 or contact us online to get started with the positioning of your custom fire pit. Here, we’ll go over the key considerations for finding the perfect spot for your fire pit.

Finding the Perfect Spot For Your Custom Fire Pit: Poynter Landscape Can Help

Poynter Landscape is a leading designer and installer of custom fire pits in your yard or other outdoor space. We specialize in helping create outdoor retreats that our customers and their friends, families, and neighbors can enjoy, and our fire pits do just that. Some considerations our team can go over with you while trying to find that “perfect placement” include:

Safety First When it Comes to Fire Pits

Safety should be the top priority when choosing a spot for your fire pit. Our team of custom fire pit experts will work with you on considering the following safety guidelines:

  • Distance From Structures: Ensure your custom fire pit is at least 10-20 feet away from any structures, including your home, shed, or garage. While many local municipalities or homeowners' associations have varying ordinances regarding how close your fire pit can be to your house, to a neighbors’ house, or even the size of the actual fire pit.
  • Wind Direction: Consider the prevailing wind direction in your area. You don’t want to have smoke blowing directly into your home or immediate seating area.
  • Ground Surface: Our team will provide you with several choices in your outdoor space to install a fire pit on a non-flammable surface – whether that’s concrete, gravel, pavers, or another material. You should always avoid placing it directly on your deck, grass, or other flammable surfaces.
  • Overhead Clearance: This is generally for portable propane fire pits, but be sure to avoid placing a fire pit under a pergola, low-hanging branches, or any other overhead structures that could easily catch fire. Call our outdoor pros now at 636-256-2600 or reach out to us online with any questions or concerns.

Custom Fire Pits Provide Convenience & Accessibility

Your custom fire pit should be conveniently accessible from your home, but also from other outdoor areas:

  • Pathways & Lighting: The Poynter Landscape pros can help make sure there are clear, well-lit pathways leading to and from your fire pit area to enhance safety and usability, particularly for visitors and especially at night. You don’t want guests to have difficulty reaching your fire pit or carrying a bevy of food and cocktails to the area.
  • Seating: You’ll want to position your fire pit near your outdoor seating area to create an ideal gathering space. This guarantees there’s enough space for comfortable seating around the fire pit. Additionally, Poynter Landscape has a variety of designs for custom outdoor seating areas.
  • Year-Round Use: Choose a location that can be enjoyed in different seasons. Our team can help you pick the best spot that gets sunlight during the cooler months yet is more shaded during the summer.

Maximize the View With Your Custom Fire Pit

Your custom fire pit can serve as a centerpiece for your outdoor space, so contemplate its placement to boost the aesthetics of your yard:

  • Integration with Your Landscape Design: Make sure your fire pit goes with your existing landscape design – your garden, patio, or even your outdoor kitchen can be used to create a harmonious outdoor space.
  • Scenic Views: Position your custom fire pit to take advantage of any scenic views on or near your property – whether that’s a pool, garden, water feature, or an open field. A beautiful backdrop can help make your fire pit even more enjoyable.

You Deserve Privacy & Comfort When Enjoying Your Custom Fire Pit

Creating a comfortable and private setting around your fire pit enhances your overall experience. That’s what the Poynter Landscape team is for – providing you with the perfect outdoor experience. Call us right now at 636-256-2600 or contact us online to discuss:

  • Natural Barriers: We will look to utilize or even design and plant natural barriers like trees, shrubs, or hedges to create a sense of privacy around the fire pit area.
  • Professionally Designed Barriers: Whether it’s a fence or a wall, our experienced team can design the perfect structure to create privacy around your fire pit. After all, as the adage goes, great fences make great neighbors.

Finding the Perfect Spot For Your Custom Fire Pit | Poynter Landscape

Connect With the Poynter Landscape Experts Today to Learn How to Find the Perfect Spot For Your Custom Fire Pit

Finding the ideal spot for your custom fire pit calls for careful consideration of safety, convenience, functionality, aesthetics, and privacy. By taking these factors into account and through collaboration, we can create a warm, inviting, and safe outdoor environment that lifts your enjoyment and adds value to your property. We specialize in designing custom fire pits that perfectly suit your outdoor living needs.

Call Poynter Landscape as soon as possible at 636-256-2600 or connect with us online to start planning your dream fire pit.