Patio With A Water Wall

Nestled amongst the hinterlands of Huntleigh, our customer expressed their wish for a special and serene setting in their basement walkout space. Three 10 foot high brick walls enclosing the area provided privacy, warmth, and backdrop. But the height made the outdoor room seem vertical, and they combated echoes. The walls needed softening and some breaking up, perhaps an outdoor work of art or a water feature? Highly visible from the home’s lower level, the walkout should look good even when not in use.

Poor functional drainage was an issue. Very precise elevation measurements were required for a new drain line to be installed. The drain would have to exit 90 feet away and operate without a pump.

Towering granite water walls became the artistic centerpiece of the outdoor room. The falling water buffers the sound of echoes, and the visual movement of the water draws the eye but does not overwhelm. A below grade reservoir houses and recycles the flow, and meticulous measurement allows key drainage of the water in off seasons. Granite was chosen and treated to roughen its surface. The water seems to dance as it travels down the slabs.

Weirs were fabricated to dispense the water above the granite. A custom built steel and copper planter in the form of a window box hides and protects the weirs. The top can be softened with seasonal plantings including vines hanging down with the water falling down the igneous rock walls.

The tall brick enclave appears to be shortened by a limestone seat wall which also provides extra seating. Two massive locust trees that were installed provide filtered semi-shade, and their branches create a natural ceiling effect. Party lights supply additional canopy and their bulb color can be changed for holidays and times of year.


  • An intimate shelter worthy of losing yourself in a novel or raising a glass for a toast is the go to spot.
  • Granite, limestone seat wall, and striking flagstone floor integrate with the imposing brick walls and those that enter within. Dress comfy and kick back, have a cigar!
  • Impressive granite water walls are candy for the eyes and ears.
  • Drainage expertise can make or break a space.
  • Party lights illuminate and the feeling is celebratory.