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Frontenac Missouri

The Highlights

  • Overcame drainage, elevation and location issues to create a nice space for outdoor entertaining and recreation on a small lot bordering two streets
  • Worked with local officials from Frontenac to allow for construction of a pool house with a bar
  • Strategically placed vegetation to create privacy on a lot with public views from two streets and incorporated the required green space between street and hardscape on a small lot
  • Designed landscape to create a better ambiance and filtered light in the library at the front of the house
  • National Award Winning Project. PLANET Silver Star Environmental Improvement Award.

The Landscape

A home builder with a potential buyer for a nearly completed house contacted us saying the buyer wanted a large pool and entertainment complex that the builder and owner questioned if it would potentially fit on the lot.  The potential buyer did not want just any pool but one with a deep end, diving board and a shallow end for children to play.  The site had some limitations that made the buyer’s wishes very challenging. The lot is a long narrow, triangular shape bordered by two streets. Local ordinances required at least 20′ of green space between each street and the hardscape required for pool and outdoor entertainment area.  The house was at a higher elevation relative to the backyard creating some challenges regarding an outdoor entertainment area.  A variance was required from the city of Frontenac to allow a pool house in addition to the nearly completed house. The future owner also wanted to improve the ambiance of the library by filtering out some of the light entering the large bay windows at the front of the house.

Design Solutions

We solved the elevation issues by utilizing soil excavated for construction of the pool combined with some imported fill to raise the level of the backyard so it took only three steps to access the pool from the level of the house. A variance obtained from the city of Frontenac allowed construction of a pool house. The pool wraps around two sides of a pool house constructed of brick walls and roof shingles matching the main house.  The shallow end of the pool parallels the house and the deep end with the diving board extends out perpendicular to the main house. A fountain butts up against the pool approximately where the pool becomes deeper for the diving end of the pool.

Extending out from the pool house is a Brazilian hardwood pergola. The base of the pergola columns are limestone and extend into the edges of the pool.  The pool deck and patio is stamped, dyed concrete to match the color of the limestone. The outdoor kitchen is located along the backside of the main house while the pool house contains a bar. Both bar and outdoor kitchen have granite counter tops.  Climbing Hydrangea clings to the wall over the outdoor kitchen. To add color, Urns placed at various locations allow planting flowering annuals and perennials for added color.

To achieve privacy for the outdoor living center, a raised bed rising several feet above the level of the pool deck was constructed. An iron fence along the outdoor entertainment center is on the poolside edge of the bed. The bed planted with arborvitae and Norway spruce, screens out street views.  Lining the public side of the bed are granite boulders.  Low growing shrubs fill out the public side of the bed.

A red brick walk leads from the drive to the door with beds of colorful Impatiens, Hostas, and Thorndale ivy. These beds graduate from colorful low growing vegetation to a mixture of Boxwoods, China Holly and Azaleas.  Occasional accent trees placed within these beds with a couple strategically placed by the bay windows create filtered light and change the ambiance of the library indoors. Among the trees planted are Japanese maple, Honey Locust, and Blue Spruce. A small Cedar Pergola located in the side yard extends out from the master bedroom for a small outdoor private space.

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