Outdoor Entertaining

Creve Coeur Missouri

To create a cohesive outdoor living space utilizing the existing pool and covered porch, our Creve Coeur customers requested a free standing pool house with a fireplace and television.  They wanted to enlarge the covered porch and build a pergola with outdoor kitchen and bar.  To match new surfaces, their pool deck would need enhancement, and additional screening was desired from a neighboring yard.

Because of the new design, the drainage had to be re-routed and incorporated into the existing system.  Due to the city Creve Coeur building codes, the pool house needed to be 10 feet from the house and the pergola could not be free standing.  Running electrical power and a water line to the new kitchen and bar area proved complicated, and the irrigation system required preservation and amendments.

We maintained our clients’ pool deck, and a stamped and dyed concrete overlay was used to blend the old pavement with the surfaces of the new areas.  Extending the pool deck for more seating¸ Poynter Landscape Architecture built a retaining wall and provided the homeowners with an attractive niche for a private conversation away from the activity areas.  Their existing berm and plantings were boosted to augment privacy.

The fabulous pool house was positioned on the opposite side of the yard from the garage to produce a courtyard atmosphere, complete with ceiling fans, recessed lighting and the covered porch was enlarged using a circular design to complement the pool.  Our talented craftsmen veneered limestone flagstone over the porch flooring to match the pool coping, and the entire space was boosted with new plantings and LED (light-emitting diode) landscape lighting.

There is something magical about watching television outside!  This pool house is a roofed room that is open on three sides with plenty of seating.  The handsome fireplace lengthens the seasonal usefulness of the room, and the limestone used on its piers match that of the cedar pergola and limestone retaining wall.

The Cedar wood of the pergola gives it a rustic nature with lights and shadows playing below.  Nurtured trailing plants grown up piers and atop may accent with greenery and colorful blooms.  Underneath, there is plenty going on!  The outdoor kitchen cannot be beat with its convenient ice maker, refrigerator, gas BBQ grill, table with chairs, and stools at the bar and Granite counter top.

The small space created by expanding the pool deck is partially embraced by the natural limestone retaining wall.  Simple but effective, this cozy spot is begging for attention.  It is the perfect home for the “kids” table.

A very nice backyard was made exceptional by skillful design and foresight.  Thanks to our keen eye for drainage and grading, an intimate party place can now host a bash!


  • Turn a basic pool area into a fully usable back yard space.
  • Include roofed area, shade, kitchen, fireplace, and TV if possible.
  • Tie the new work in with the existing home seamlessly.
  • Create cozy spaces for small family only times as well as larger events.
  • Resolve the Drainage issue on the back side of the pool.
  • Screen the back property line.