Ladue Missouri

Front & Back yard

Ladue Missouri


  • This site had significant drainage problems requiring unique solutions we  successfully got the City of Ladue to allow us to implement
  • Improved front door access from the street to better welcome guests
  • Installed a fence and landscaping in such a manner to create year round backyard privacy while rendering the fence almost unnoticeable
  • Installed unique elements that were visible for the home owner to enjoy regardless of the weather
  • Upgraded the patio surface to provide a unique appearance that matched the front walkway and the driveway

The Landscape

This residential lot had significant drainage and access issues requiring unique solutions City of Ladue officials had to approve before we could implement solutions.  The soil was heavy clay and the house sits in what was the lowest elevation relative to surrounding homes.  If someone wanted to visit, parking was a problem and the route to the doorway was a narrow concrete path through the lawn.  The homeowner wanted a unique appearing yard that created a more welcoming front yard for guests and a fenced backyard with privacy that didn’t appear fenced to the homeowner.

Landscape Architecture Design & Solutions

We created a topographical map of the entire front and back yards to determine solutions for drainage problems.  Our solutions were outside the standard practices allowed by the City of Ladue.  Since our non-standard solutions were the only ones that would prevent standing water, we met with local officials and obtained permission to implement our solutions. These solutions included moving soil from one part of the property to another part creating varying elevations to prevent water from collecting on the property.   An 18″ limestone retaining wall was built to hold a raised bed around the perimeter of the back and side yard.  An iron fence with wooden posts defines property boundaries in the backyard to keep the dog contained.  To create year round privacy and render the fence less prominent we planted an evergreen screen of Norway spruce against the fence. Flowering shrubs and perennials were planted on the inside edge of the raised bed to add color.  A unique bronze sculpture in the backyard is now visible from a kitchen window and from the patio made of a veneer of rectangular concrete pavers sitting on top of a concrete base. A dark green pergola matching the fence posts with a bench adds a place to sit and enjoy the statue.

The front yard is now more inviting with a parking court and a shorter walk to the door from a parked car. The lawn is now in strips with portions elevated behind stone retaining walls. Large urns placed at the corners of these retaining walls allow a more ergonomic level for the homeowner to plant seasonal flowers that add color to the yard. Parking court and walkway are constructed of 4-part, square and rectangular pavers installed over a concrete base to create a classic and timeless look common in St Louis architecture.